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Are You Struggling:

(Don't worry, you are not alone!)

Living with post-concussive symptoms, dizziness, cognitive changes, and other neurological challenges can be an overwhelming journey. Every day feels like a battle as you grapple with persistent headaches, dizziness that disrupts your world, and cognitive fog that shrouds your clarity. Simple tasks become mountains to climb, and the relentless uncertainty takes an emotional toll. The frustration of not feeling like yourself, the worry about your future, and the unanswered questions about your condition weigh heavily. It can be a journey filled with setbacks and unanswered questions.
But that all ends here.
Our Functional Neurology practice understands these challenges intimately, and we're here to guide you toward relief and recovery. Together, we'll partner with you to help you regain your quality of life and rediscover the vibrant, confident you.




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Explore premium non-invasive brain-based care, access to expert physicians, personalized treatment plans, advanced therapies, continuous monitoring, emotional support, and a focus on a faster return to normal activities after an acute sports concussion or lingering post-concussive symptoms from a previous mTBI.
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Elevate your athletic potential with our innovative approach to neuroperformance designed to propel you to the next level of athletic excellence. Discover how you can easily achieve peak performance and exceed your sports goals. Tennis, soccer, baseball, football, equestrian riding, or any other other sports.
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Discover the transformative benefits of a yearly Cognitive Fitness Evaluation paired with our tailored Cognitive Vitality program. A range of neuro-performance assessments and training promote peak cognitive abilities and memory. Experience personalized strategies that enhance your brain function for a more dynamic you.
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Reclaim your life from the grip of headaches and migraines, and experience renewed clarity, pain relief, and a brighter tomorrow. Begin your journey toward lasting relief with our specialized program today. Rediscover the freedom to live without the burden of constant head pain and embrace a life of well-being and vitality.
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Regain your balance, reclaim your confidence, and look forward to a future where stability and well-being are once again the norm. Our Vestibular Rehabilitation practitioners will uncover the root cause of vertigo, persistent dizziness, and the unsettling feeling of being off-balance. Your path to a brighter, steadier tomorrow begins now.
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Explore a life-changing path to managing dysautonomia symptoms and regaining your well-being. We are dedicated to restoring balance in your autonomic nervous system, Embrace a journey towards a more harmonious life with expert guidance from our healthcare professionals experienced in treating this complex condition.
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Discover hope in your journey to manage chronic pain through our functional neurological approach. We provide compassionate care, innovative solutions, and holistic, non-invasive therapies to help you manage and alleviate chronic pain symptoms, offering the potential for improved well-being and relief.
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Uncover a path to emotional balance with our comprehensive approach. Our personalized care, evidence-based therapies, and non-invasive strategies empower you to regain control over your emotional well-being. We aim to provide a brighter, more resilient outlook on life for those grappling with anxiety, insomnia, and depression.
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 Discover holistic support tailored to your unique post-viral journey, helping you regain vitality and resilience. Our specialized program empowers long-haulers with the tools they need to eliminate fatigue, sharpen cognitive clarity, and foster renewed strength and well-being. 


Start feeling like yourself again!

01. Case Review Evaluation

Meet with a doctor to discuss your symptoms, questions & next steps

02. Functional Neurological Exam

A 3hr comprehensive exam with diagnostic testing

03. Treatment Plan Review

Review results and discuss your personalized treatment plan

04. Neuro Wellness Treatments

Attend treatment appointments and perform at-home exercises

05. Neuro Wellness Checks

Routine follow-ups to check progress and discuss changes

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Neurological Exam
Neurological Examination: We conduct a comprehensive assessment of all neurological functions. This includes evaluating factors such as motor strength, coordination, reflexes, sensation, and cranial nerve function. By carefully examining these aspects, we gain valuable insights into your neurological health, helping us pinpoint any abnormalities or areas that require attention. This examination serves as a foundation for tailoring your treatment plan, ensuring that it addresses your unique neurological needs effectively.
Right Eye: We leverage cutting-edge technology to gain invaluable insights into your neurological health. The RightEye Sensorimotor System‚ĄĘ stands at the forefront of our diagnostic tools, allowing us to record, observe, and analyze subtle eye movements and impairments that often go unnoticed by traditional assessments.¬†By capturing and analyzing these intricate details, we gain a clearer picture of your brain's performance, allowing us to tailor our interventions precisely to your needs.¬†
Computerized Posturography: is a non-invasive clinical evaluation that quantifies an individual's ability to manage balance and posture effectively. Dynamic posturography allows us to assess and challenge these critical aspects of brain function through specialized computerized balance tests. This advanced tool helps us gain valuable insights into your neurological performance and provides a foundation for tailored interventions to enhance your balance and overall well-being.
Diagnostic Lab Work: We believe in the intricate connection between optimal brain function and overall well-being. To address your health comprehensively, we begin each patient's journey with baseline lab tests. These initial assessments are a vital part of your recovery puzzle. Depending on your individual needs and condition, further specialized lab work, such as food sensitivity testing, Lyme disease screening, and hormonal and immune panels, may be recommended. For your convenience, we facilitate your lab tests at a LabCorp facility of your choice.
Cognitive Testing: We employ a range of cognitive tests tailored to your specific needs, assessing critical aspects of brain function such as memory, attention, problem-solving, and processing speed. These assessments help us identify cognitive changes you may be experiencing, whether due to a neurological condition, injury, or other factors. The results of these tests allow us to formulate a personalized plan to address your cognitive health.
Brain Imaging: Our Chiropractic Neurology practitioners are dedicated to leaving no stone unturned in assessing your brain health. To achieve this, we harness the power of advanced brain imaging scans and we collaborate closely with medical radiologists when interpreting the results of these advanced brain imaging scans. This collaborative approach ensures the most accurate and comprehensive evaluation of your neurological health, allowing us to craft a precise and effective treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.
Brain Imaging
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  • Autonomic Nervous System Training
  • Balance/Gait Training
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Cognitive Training
  • Eye Movement Therapy
  • Eye-Head Exercises
  • Health Coaching
  • Light/Sound Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Neurofeedback
  • Neurologic Rehabilitation
  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
  • Photobiomodulation Therapies (Laser)
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Pilates Rehabilitation
  • Primitive Reflex Remediation Exercises
  • Pulsed Magnetic Frequency Therapy
  • Sensorimotor Integration Therapy
  • Strength, Speed, Reaction Time, Agility Training
  • Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (Non-Invasive)
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation (Non-Invasive)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
The Palm Beach Brain Center provides a large number of non-invasive, drug-free therapeutic interventions.

What Clients are Saying

An extremely balanced approach to healing. Dr. Habanova completely transformed my thinking and my ability to carve a path toward optimal brain health. Thank you very much!!

~ Roberta M.

Dr. Habanova shares her knowledge in a unique and highly engaging way. I am now empowered with new knowledge and insight that will be helpful when discussing with health providers.

~ Tereasa W.

Dr. Habanova is a highly skilled expert and an excellent physician who works with you kindly and gently to help you in your own journey to recovery. She has the right tools to guide you through.

~ Julie G.

The program was key in providing clear, relevant, and scientific evidence (explained in perfect detail by Dr. Habanova) as to relieving brain fog on my journey to becoming my best self.

~ Kim D.

I learned more from Dr. Habanova than I did from all the medical providers I worked with over the past 7 years since my concussion. She is amazingly knowledgeable and wise, but in addition to this, she is also kind and caring.

~ Cindy V.

She taught me how my brain works, why dysfunction is occurring, and the connection to my symptoms. She helped me connect many dots and set goals for myself in my healing. I feel so fortunate that I learned of Dr. Habanova's program and had the opportunity to participate.

~ Crystal K.

Over 6 years of searching and asking questions did not yield a fraction of the answers I found in this remarkable program. Dr. Habanova provides the science and the support to understand brain injury and provides concrete ideas for how to move forward and beyond.

~ Anna F.

Dr. Habanova's program was graciously packed with easy-to-follow lessons yet in such a comprehensive format that had me taking actionable steps at my own pace towards my goals. Dr. Habanova is incredibly intelligent and personable.

~ Wendy S.


Let's Get You Feeling Better

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Women's Cognitive Checklist

A 43-page comprehensive guide on how to talk to your doctor about brain health from your 20s to 60s & beyond. 

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